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15 Sep 2015

Before we talk about anti-aging, perhaps we need to actually define aging and the impact they have on our bodies and our health and wellness.
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As we know, aging is natural; it occurs due to the development of organs, tissue and cells in the body. You will find the natural process of aging (for example moving from childhood to teenager to adulthood) and also the accumulated results of aging (for example sun damage, smoking and irresponsible drinking).

The skin we have is made up of two main layers:

- Epidermis the outer layer we view.
- Dermis may be the layer directly under the epidermis.

As we age, the dermis thins and now we experience a loss in blood supply. Collagen production also decreases which promotes the creation of wrinkles and fine lines.
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Whenever we lose collagen, we lose elasticity, which offers the outer skin with resistance along with the ability to "bounce back" once this has been stretched (from smiling, frowning etc). Lack of elasticity is particularly noticeable in individuals who spend time and effort under the sun, including people that work outdoors, or sun bathe.

The thinner our skin is, greater fragile it becomes. The losing of sweat and sebaceous glands (through the dermis) help with drier skin which in turn makes the skin quite likely going to wrinkles.

So, in order to safeguard our skin, we need to use goods that help slow or inhibit the aging process.

There are some quite normal ingredients which will certainly help with this. Look for:

Hyaluronic Acid - Acid hyaluronic (HA) is an excellent carbohydrate that binds to water giving it a stiff viscous quality (just like gelatine). About 50% from the body's supply of Acid hyaluronic originates from skin tissue, but as we age, our natural power to produce it declines. Reports have also found that tiny molecules within HA can retain one thousand times their weight in water, helping plump the skin and complete those wrinkles!

Retinol - Retinol is often a kind of Vit a, that when put on the skin acts as an antioxidant to assist skin cells create better, healthier cells. It promotes collagen production which is a protein that supports the structure of the epidermis (producing firmer skin).

Plant Extracts - Nature knows best, in order that it is smart that cosmetic information mill turning to her for anti-aging and natual skin care advice. Plant extracts are able to nourish your skin from deep inside the dermis. They also provide benefits including being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal that really help ladies with acne, psoriasis and rosacea.


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